Requesting a Certificate of Baptism

Requesting a Certficate of Baptism

A current Certificate of Baptism is required for any Sacrament - First Reconciliation, First Eucharist, Confirmation, Marriage, and Holy Orders.  

  • A current Certificate of Baptism can only be issued by the Church of Baptism (the Church where the Baptism took place).
  • The definition of "current" is one that is issued within six months of the upcoming Sacrament.  The certficate issued  to the family on the day of Baptism will not meet the requirements of time and is not normally prepared as an official record.

If you or your child were baptized at Saint John's and:

  • are receiving another Sacrament at Saint John's,
    • please complete the form found attached below and return it to the Parish Office.
  • are receiving a Sacrament at a different parish,
    • use the form attached below to request a current copy of the certificate.
    • We will mail the official Certificate of Baptism directly to that parish.

If you or your child were baptized at a church other than Saint John's are are receiving a Sacrament here:

  • Contact that church to request a current certificate.
  • Please feel free to use our attached form.  
  • They will send the certificate directly to us.  

Please keep in mind: a sacrament will not be able to be celebrated as scheduled without a current copy of the baptism certificate on file.

Contact Parish Office Support at 651-288-3271 if you have an questions.

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