Pastoral Council

Saint John's Pastoral Council is the visionary and planning advisory board to the Pastor. The Pastoral Council discerns the needs of the parish community, evaluates on-going parish ministries, programs and staffing and collaborates with the Finance Council in the advisability of funding for these ministries, programs and staffing. The Council meets monthly on the third Thursday of the month at 6:30 pm, in the Holy Family Room. The members of the Pastoral Council, and their terms, are listed below.


Mary Dean 2016
Gail Johnson 2018
Nancy Johnson 2017
Donna Lehmann 2018
 Clovis Brackins 2016
 Open  2018
Ann Zettel 2016
Mark Sauer 2017
Gus Zenker 2017
Greg Blaeser - Parish Trustee  
Tom Chapple - Parish Trustee  
Jim Golding - Finance Council Rep  
Deb Langlois - Business Administrator  
Fr. Tom Balluff - Pastor