Gr K-8 A Family of Faith

A Family of Faith


Saint John’s is now offering a robust family-based formation program which simultaneously strengthens children’s relationship with their family, with other families, and with God.  Study after study has shown that the example of parents is by far the most effective way to pass on the Catholic faith to children.  Children love their parents!  For this reason, all families are warmly welcomed to join A Family of Faith this fall.  Grades K-2 will be using A Family of Faith this year, but it is encouraged for Grades 3-8 as well. 

  A Family of Faith [see A Family of Faith website for more details on the program] encourages and equips parents to live and teach their children the Catholic Faith at home using dynamic activities and inspirational Catholic devotions.  This innovative program will meet your children where they are and bring them along the journey to a deeper relationship with Christ and his Church.   Parents are given everything they need to teach the faith to their own children in an easy-to-use format!  Plus, this  program offers parents a fun opportunity to form friendships with other families!   A Family of Faith has only one Adult Meeting per month on Wednesdays (children welcome too) and one Community Meeting per month after Mass (for the whole family).  In between, families do a few activities and devotions at home to help them grow in their love for God and each other.  Each family will receive one "parent guide" and one children's "activity book" per child.


Adult Meetings: 

Wednesdays, 6:00-7:30 PM.  A typical adult meeting consists of a short introduction; an interactive lesson on that month's topics; small group discussion; and large group sharing.


Community Meetings:

Sunday, 9:45-11:15 AM.  A typical Community Meeting will have some social time for adults while the month's learning topics are reviewed with children, followed by fun activities, games, and discussions.  



Costs: All non-school families must register for Faith Formation.  The cost is $50 for a family with one child, and $100 total for families with more than one child. For families qualifying for Free Lunch at public schools, the cost per family is $25.  For families qualifying for Reduced Lunch, the cost is $50 per family.  There is also a $50 sacramental fee for all children receiving First Holy Communion or Confirmation (Free/Reduced Lunch discount does not apply).  Scholarships are available for those who simply cannot afford to pay. Materials and resources are used to meet the Archdiocesan standards of religious education.