Communion (Eucharist)

Jesus comes to us in the Eucharist so that we will live for ever. Holy Communion is not ordinary food. It is the bread of eternal life. It is something more precious than gold or silver. It is worth more than anything you can imagine. For this sacred bread is the body and blood of Jesus. And Jesus promises that if you eat his flesh and drink his blood, you will have life in you and you will live forever.

Pope John Paul II

Sacrament of First Communion Takes Place in Grade Two.

Second graders receive formation in the Catholic Faith in both Saint John School and Saint John's Wednesday Evening Faith Formation Classes. Preparation and learning for the first Sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist is done as a home-based study with parents serving as the primary teacher. Parents are expected to attend a preparation meeting and a practice meeting before the child receives the Sacrament.  

Requirements for First Communion

  • The family must be a member of Saint John's Parish by the fall of the year of sacramental preparation.
  • The parents must adhere to the Baptism Certificate Requirements for Upcoming Sacraments stated below:

    A copy of a current Baptism Certificate is required for any sacrament - First Reconciliation, First Eucharist (Communion), Confirmation, Marriage, Holy Orders. The definition of "current" is within six months of the upcoming sacrament. A photocopy of the original certificate issued on the day of baptism is not acceptable. A copy of the current certificate will be placed in the sacrament file.

    If your child was baptized a Saint John's, we have a simple form (available below) for you to fill out to request a current copy of the certificate.

    If your child was baptized at a church other than Saint John's, you will need to contact that church to request the current certificate. You are welcome to use the attached form as well to request it.  They can send it directly to us here at Saint John's Faith Formation Office at 2621 McMenemy St., Little Canada, 55117.

    Please keep in mind: a sacrament will not be able to be celebrated as scheduled without a current copy of the baptism certificate on file.

  • The parents must demonstrate their commitment to involvement with the preparation process by: attending the required meetings and practices and providing on-going instruction and support as designated by the program director.


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