Mission and Ministry

Saint John's Cemetery assists individuals and families as they plan for burial; lays the earthly remains of loved ones to rest among those who have preceded them into eternal life; and provides a peaceful, reverent setting to remember those who have died.

The cemetery is open every day from 8:00 am until Sunset.

In 1851 land for our cemetery was donated by early settler Abraham Lambert. Dedicated in 1855, Saint John's Cemetery is the second oldest cemetery in Minnesota. It is located one block east of the church on Little Canada Road. Over one hundred members of pioneer families are buried in the oldest section near the entrance gate. The life-sized Crucifixion scene facing the gate provides the backdrop for the annual Memorial Day Mass in the cemetery.

Currently registered parishioners of Saint John's Church of Little Canada may enter into an agreement to purchase, or receive by transfer, the ownership of burial rights for in-ground burials and in-ground cremation niches in Saint John's Cemetery.  Families must have been registered and active parishioners for 6 months prior to a pre-need purchase of burial rights.  Burial rights in above ground columbaria (coming this fall), by purchase or transfer, are open to currently registered parishioners and former parishioners of Saint John's Church of Little Canada, and their relatives, by blood or by marriage. All interment right certificates shall be in writing on officially signed forms prescribed and administered by Saint's John Cemetery. Private sales and transfers are not allowed and will not be honored.

Prices and policies are listed below, and are subject to change.

A special section of the cemetery is dedicated to Saint John's Parish Infant Interment Ministry. Through this ministry we offer prayers and support to those experiencing a miscarriage, stillbirth or infant death. For further information, please contact our Pastoral Minister, Eric Cooley at 651-288-3268.

The Cemetery Committee is an advisory body to the Pastor of the parish, reporting to the Pastoral Council, in the formulation of policies and in the making of decisions with due regard to the church cemetery. It consists of no more than 9 voting members. Cemetery Committee membership is open to any currently registered, active member of the Parish who has been fully initiated into the Roman Catholic faith community through the sacraments of initiation (which are Baptism, Holy Communion, and Confirmation), and has passed his/her eighteenth birthday by the time his/her term begins. Members are appointed by the pastor through a discernment process. Please contact the parish office for more details


If you have questions regarding grave locations, please contact the parish office at 651-484-2708.




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